[ROVERNET - UK] PartsAmerica stuff

birdie birdies at ix.netcom.com
Sun Aug 20 02:24:38 BST 2006

I'm assuming that the front calipers will be the same for an SC2000? I 
see they give you 3 choices - the TC2000, the 2000, and the 3500

I guess I could try to order the ones for 2000 and see if they work on 
an SC. I don't see why not!



Glen Wilson wrote:

> My God, they actually have remanufactured front Girling calipers for 
> the 2000TC for $70 each with pads. No pads for $59.
> Not surprised that they don't have rear calipers since the car was 
> designed to be traded in if the rear brakes needed work.
> THOSE are worth checking out.

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