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Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Aug 20 02:39:00 BST 2006

birdie wrote:
> I'm assuming that the front calipers will be the same for an SC2000? I 
> see they give you 3 choices - the TC2000, the 2000, and the 3500
> I guess I could try to order the ones for 2000 and see if they work on 
> an SC. I don't see why not!
> Cheers
> Kathleen


If you look closely at the description, it notes that these are Girling 
calipers. The earliest P6s had Dunlop calipers. A lot of early cars have 
been converted to Girlings, but I don't know if it's simply a direct 
swap of the calipers. Your car is probably a Girling car but you can 
post your year and VIN number to confirm. I didn't see any calipers for 
the 3500S; these were larger than the ones on the 2000. The TC/SC/Auto 
all used the same calipers, the only difference being Girling or Dunlop. 
Rear calipers were the same of 3500 and 2000 models but they don't sell 
those. (Rats!)

What part of the world do you hail from, Kathleen? I know you have 
written in before.


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