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Sun Aug 20 03:09:32 BST 2006

Glen Wilson wrote:

> Kathleen,
> If you look closely at the description, it notes that these are 
> Girling calipers. The earliest P6s had Dunlop calipers. 

The 1969 SC2000 has girling brakes - the dual servos - everything looks 
the same from my old TC's.

I just sent an email to Sierra Specialty Automotive 
www.brakecylinder.com to see what their prices are for front & rear 
caliper rebuilds and master cylinder.

I can take mine off and send them out but....I wonder if I should just 
spring for these reman's for the front?

> . The TC/SC/Auto all used the same calipers, the only difference being 
> Girling or Dunlop. Rear calipers were the same of 3500 and 2000 models 
> but they don't sell those. (Rats!)

I hear you.

> What part of the world do you hail from, Kathleen? I know you have 
> written in before.

Los Angeles....

Pulled the radiator off the other day - so i can get it cleaned - it's 
in great shape, was replaced in the 90's....and picked up a new bonnet 
from Duane.....the old one had a failed repair attempt involving too 
much bondo on the nose....

Gas tank is coming off for a cleaning and sealing - starter to be 
rebuilt - then, just need to put back the radiator, clean fuel filter & 
engine breather, put on all the new hoses on....hook up the new 
battery.....drain  replace fluids....and......crank and see what happens.

I have rebuild kits for fuel, carb....and every gasket known to the 
car....new plugs, points, distrib cap....but will wait til it's cranking 
and goes through some gas and at least another oil change.....no point 
mucking up anything new....and see what happens from there.....

Anyway, I think I have everything I need save for the brake situation, 
which has to be addressed...but, waiting to see what happens once we can 
crank it!



> Glen
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