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>    3. Re:  P6 Nomenclature Question (Drew Egginton)
>    4. Re:  Starters - for SC2000 (John Burkhard)
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>Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 00:17:34 -0700
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>Ok, the starter is coming off my SC2000. It doesn't work...probably the
>selenoid or ?
>I've been told there are two kinds with different bolting patterns - so,
>will know soon which one.
>  From Southern California....
>Anyone know best place to send it out for a rebuild?
>How much should that cost
>Should I find a new decent one?
>I have a quote for a complete rebuild for $315.00 here in LA, but think
>I should be able to do better.
>Or, is that in thae ballpark?
>Also, got a quote on cleaning and power coating the gas tank for $275.00
>plus $300.00 labor.
>So,  I am going to go with just getting it cleaned out!
$315 sounds pretty steep. I had a 2000 strater checked over for $50 in Penn 
yan NY by ASB Turner. a month or so ago. 315 536 3593. There are two types 
of starters, a inertia type starter, and a pre engaged type  starters in the 
US. The pre engaged one has the solenoid on top.  If the starter is working 
its way loose then the front plate could be cracked right through, and the 
starter will flex when you crank with it causing the nuts to come loose. 
This happened to me twice on the same car. I then put a Land Rover six 
cylinder starter motor on it, which has a stonger front plate, and it really 
cranks well now. However make sure you change the pinions over. They look 
the same but one has 10 teeth and the other has 11 teeth. You can only do 
this if the motor you have is inertia type, as the landrover 6 cylinder is 
also inertia type. I have a spare US spec 2000 auto starter here, pre 
engaged. Contact me off list if you have any interest in it. It is a bit 
heavy to take back to Australia to use on my Rover 2000 auto there. I dont 
know if it would work on a manual, but I suspect that the ring gear may be 
different on a manual.

James Radcliffe.

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