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I had an SD1 with a Holley and a JWR intake with headers. I never got it 
to run right with the Holley, but I had a hard time not spinning the 
tires. The Carter/Weber that I put on it was a dream to adjust, but it 
never had the same oomph!

What kind of trans is in the car? What year is it?


David Read wrote:
> Hi Glen
> I am trying to go for historic registration which requires strict 
> conformity to OEM spec.
> Historic Registration allows me to run the car for a fraction of the 
> standard cost for a period not exceeding 90 days in any one year.
> Log books of journeys must be issued and maintained.
> It allows older vehicles to be driven to shows and in club events.
> The pics were taken shortly after I acquired it.
> Thr PO had done some work on it ... <gloom>.
> I have a set of P6 rocker covers ready to fit.
> And yes, it goes like stink, even with the OEM Lucas dizzy.
> Cheers
> Dave
> Glen Wilson wrote:
>> David,
>> Always good to see another Rover get some love!
>> Here are some pictures of a 1970 engine that Andre Shay restored.  
>> http://beerinc.com/rstca/andre.html
>> There are a couple here of a car I worked on. It already had a 
>> Chrysler alternator.
>> http://beerinc.com/rstca/wilson3500.html       (We need to get some 
>> more cars on our "Members" page.)
>> You must be going for strict originality if you are replacing a Bosch 
>> alternator with an OEM Lucas one! Your engine looks like an SD1 or 
>> later engine judging from the valve covers. We only had the P6B 
>> between '69 and '71 in the USA, so the later Aussie cars may have 
>> been different. The Holley/Edelbrock mods must give it some scoot!
>> Glen
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