David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sat Aug 26 01:05:17 BST 2006

Hi Glen
I am trying to go for historic registration which requires strict 
conformity to OEM spec.

Historic Registration allows me to run the car for a fraction of the 
standard cost for a period not exceeding 90 days in any one year.
Log books of journeys must be issued and maintained.

It allows older vehicles to be driven to shows and in club events.

The pics were taken shortly after I acquired it.
Thr PO had done some work on it ... <gloom>.
I have a set of P6 rocker covers ready to fit.

And yes, it goes like stink, even with the OEM Lucas dizzy.


Glen Wilson wrote:
> David,
> Always good to see another Rover get some love!
> Here are some pictures of a 1970 engine that Andre Shay restored.  
> http://beerinc.com/rstca/andre.html
> There are a couple here of a car I worked on. It already had a Chrysler 
> alternator.
> http://beerinc.com/rstca/wilson3500.html       (We need to get some more 
> cars on our "Members" page.)
> You must be going for strict originality if you are replacing a Bosch 
> alternator with an OEM Lucas one! Your engine looks like an SD1 or later 
> engine judging from the valve covers. We only had the P6B between '69 
> and '71 in the USA, so the later Aussie cars may have been different. 
> The Holley/Edelbrock mods must give it some scoot!
> Glen

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