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>My gearbox saga continues, and I'd like to consult the more 
>knowledgeable.  I'm prepared to rebuild the gearbox on my 1968 TC 
>(gearbox suffix F), and have bought the necessary parts from Pierre. 
>Meanwhile, someone has offered me a functional gearbox from a 1971 
>TC.  Are there major differences or improvements in the later 'box? 
>Will it fit in my '68?  Gordon.
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Internally, your "F" gearbox is a bushing type, while the 71 will be 
a needle roller type. That means that the internal mainshaft parts 
are not interchangeable. The needle roller gearboxes (suffix H and 
above) are better but (technically) slightly nosier due to the many 
more rotating bits. The early bushing type gearbox had problems with 
the bush for 2nd and 3rd gear breaking, but unless you came across a 
low mileage original all of those have long since broken and been 


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