[ROVERNET - UK] Gearbox changes

Gordon Harrower griffo at comcast.net
Sun Aug 27 04:13:40 BST 2006

Vern Klukas wrote:

>> My gearbox saga continues, and I'd like to consult the more 
>> knowledgeable.  I'm prepared to rebuild the gearbox on my 1968 TC 
>> (gearbox suffix F), and have bought the necessary parts from Pierre. 
>> Meanwhile, someone has offered me a functional gearbox from a 1971 
>> TC.  Are there major differences or improvements in the later 'box? 
>> Will it fit in my '68?  Gordon.
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> Internally, your "F" gearbox is a bushing type, while the 71 will be a 
> needle roller type. That means that the internal mainshaft parts are 
> not interchangeable. The needle roller gearboxes (suffix H and above) 
> are better but (technically) slightly nosier due to the many more 
> rotating bits. The early bushing type gearbox had problems with the 
> bush for 2nd and 3rd gear breaking, but unless you came across a low 
> mileage original all of those have long since broken and been fixed.
> Yours
> Vern
Thanks, Vern.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Gordon.

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