[ROVERNET - UK] Bonnet repair

birdie birdies at ix.netcom.com
Sat Aug 26 22:48:14 BST 2006

Anyone have any tips on bonnet repair.

My original was rather mucked up at a body repair shop as they used ALOT 
of bondo on the nose....

So, I found a used one...has a knuckle sized ding in the nose, but is 
also popped up abit on one side of the nose 'round where the "line" 
comes down the bonnet to the nose....in otherwords, from dead center - 
over about 6". Instead of being inset below that line, it's popped up 
and it looks like the whole front passenger side is tweaked just a 

I could take pictures.

But, in terms of....technique....I know they can't hammer around the 
nose area as it is rolled.  Can they put nails in and pull? I don't 
think it can be heated...

Any ace body shop people in Southern California I could take it too?

It's not bad...but...I think it is going to be pretty tricky.



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