[ROVERNET - UK] tc runs on

Ron Venter venterrh at telus.net
Wed Aug 30 04:22:03 BST 2006

         People often mention altering the timing when attempting to 
cure running on. Why it should have any effect is a mystery to me, 
because when the ignition is turned off there is no spark so it 
shouldn't matter what the timing is set at.
         Steven D refers to carbon build up and my bet is he is 
right. There is glowing carbon somewhere that ignites the mixture. 
Does your car get much highway work? If not, perhaps a good, brisk 
drive might help. There are also various muti advertised for pouring 
into the gas tank or spraying into the engine to clear the carbon 
out. Whether this stuff is good or bad I don't know.
         In general, ignition should be set to "just before pinking". 
But anything that causes the engine to labour a bit or run less 
efficiently than usual will get that carbon glowing. Are the brakes 
dragging? Is the ignition advance working properly?
         Finally, try to get the idling speed as low as possible and 
make sure that there are no air leaks that would make the idling mixture lean.
         Please let us know how you solve the problem.
                                 All the best,
                                                 Ron V.

At 05:55 AM 06-08-29, you wrote:
>  The TC keeps running when I turn it off. I retarded the ignition 
> to TDC and this didn't fix the problem. The best octane that I can 
> get here is 91 count from the Chevron station. Any suggestions? 
> Octane boosters? Retard the ignition to a few degrees below TDC? 
> What timing is correct with the fuel that we have now? Also does 
> anyone know how many Rovers are showing up in Portland Oregon this 
> weekend? Thank in advance. Larry

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