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Nathan Obuch nathanobuch at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 30 05:22:05 BST 2006

    From the other responses, it seems like running on
is common 2000TC complaint. As others have stated,
check the basics first (idle speed, normal coolant
temp, no excessive carbon deposits, correct plugs
  I suspect that some of the running on may be a
chronic TC issue, due to the 10:1 compression, today's
fuels and somewhat silted up cylinder heads which run
a bit hot. 
   The later MK II TCs had an anti run on valve, and a
similar setup was used on late rubber bumper MGBs. The
anti run on valve is a solenoid valve piped to the
intake manifold; as soon as the ignition switch is cut
off, the solenoid valve is energised- it opens,
creating a sudden, massive vaccuum leak which
discourages the engine from running on. 
    Once the oil pressure switch closes (lack of oil
pressure verifying that the engine has indeed stopped
spinning) it shuts the voltage off to the solenoid
valve to prevent the battery from being run down. 
     If you could find the parts (solenoid, relay,
special type ignition switch) you could rig an anti
run on device...or you could just let the clutch out!
The fact that Rover incorporated an anti-run on valve
in later TCs implies that running on may be something
of a design issue with the car. 


--- Larry <lewill at ctcweb.net> wrote:

>   The TC keeps running when I turn it off. I
> retarded the ignition to TDC 
> and this didn't fix the problem. The best octane
> that I can get here is 91 
> count from the Chevron station. Any suggestions?
> Octane boosters? Retard the 
> ignition to a few degrees below TDC? What timing is
> correct with the fuel 
> that we have now? Also does anyone know how many
> Rovers are showing up in 
> Portland Oregon this weekend? Thank in advance.
> Larry 
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