Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Wed Aug 30 08:50:52 BST 2006

Albert Boasberg wrote:
> My 1969 TC 2000 also runs on and I do exactly the samer thing: Let the
> clutch out slowly with the brake on and it turns off the engine.
> Albert
This is odd. I've never heard of running on being a problem with TC's. I 
can see where it might be due to carbon or if the engine is still set up 
for what might be 105 octane (by modern numbers).  I used to just put 
premium 93 octane in my TC and never had any problems at all. There are 
instruction in th manual for setting the engine up to run on lower 
octane gasoline. I might make the changes even if it reduced performance 
a tad. I do not like engines that run on.


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