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I used to have this problem on my 1958 Volvo PV-444. When it would run on, I 
knew that it was time for a complete tune-up, including readjusting the SU's 
carbs. It seemed to work on that vehicle quite well.

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> Albert Boasberg wrote:
>> My 1969 TC 2000 also runs on and I do exactly the samer thing: Let the
>> clutch out slowly with the brake on and it turns off the engine.
>> Albert
> This is odd. I've never heard of running on being a problem with TC's. I 
> can see where it might be due to carbon or if the engine is still set up 
> for what might be 105 octane (by modern numbers).  I used to just put 
> premium 93 octane in my TC and never had any problems at all. There are 
> instruction in th manual for setting the engine up to run on lower octane 
> gasoline. I might make the changes even if it reduced performance a tad. I 
> do not like engines that run on.
> Glen
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