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Brian Nordlund TC2000 at towermonkey.com
Wed Aug 30 21:22:59 BST 2006

I am going to be at the field meet in Portland this weekend:


So far, this is the first evidence I have seen that anyone else will be
there, so at least we have two!  Maybe we can surpass our attendance of
three Rovers at the 2005 event (out of six or seven hundred total cars). 
However, in order to break that astounding record, we will probably need
to see some attendance from Seattle or BC.

Here are some pictures of the 2005 display as well as the vintage racing
that goes on all weekend:


If I remember correctly from last year, the $35 car entry fee admits you
and your passengers, so it's pretty cost effective.  Plus, you get to
drive right through the front gate and park right in the middle of the

It's supposed to be in the low 90's on Saturday, so it should be a great day.

(end of shameless plug).


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>   The TC keeps running when I turn it off. I retarded the ignition to TDC
> and this didn't fix the problem. The best octane that I can get here is
91 count from the Chevron station. Any suggestions? Octane boosters?
Retard the
> ignition to a few degrees below TDC? What timing is correct with the
fuel that we have now? Also does anyone know how many Rovers are showing
up in Portland Oregon this weekend? Thank in advance. Larry
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