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Lance La Certe lacpsyd at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 2 14:22:55 GMT 2006


I think I can help as I just recently refitted the front springs on my P6B.
The only way I was able to get the springs back in was to get 2 SETS OF
SPRING COMPRESSORS.  I had purchased one set and then discovered that my
local Checker Auto Parts Store rented spring compressors FOR FREE (they
take a credit card deposit, and refund you when the tool is returned

As with any job, the correct tools make all the difference.  Please contact
Geoff of geffandjulie at comcast.net, as he mailed me the three ESSENTIAL (in
my opinion) spring retaining rods which fit inside the three slot of the
'cones' at each end of the springs.  Once you have the springs sufficiently
compressed with the two sets of compressors, insert the retaining and rods
and VERY CAREFULLY back off the compressors, checking periodically to make
sure that the retaining rods remain 'locked' inside the 'cones'.  With the
compressed spring, reinstallation is very simple.  Place it back in its
horizontal position, place a dolly under the swivel pillar assembly and
raise the suspension.  The top link assembly 'arm' will push back into the
'cone' further compressing the spring against the fire wall which will then
allow you to reach up, rotate the spring retainers back 90 degrees and
extract them.

Hope that helps,

Lance La Certe,   Denver, CO   '70  'Federal' P6B 

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> >Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Moving/Towing a P6 Without Road Springs!?
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> >This topic is the bane of my existence!...namely the
> >front road springs.  I have them out of the car and
> >have not been able (with external spring compressors)
> >to get them back in the car.  Paul Smith was kind
> >enough to send me photos of how he's done it, but I
> >obviously missed something as it didn't work for me
> >(so far)...apparently the important thing is that the
> >spring compressor bolts must be 250mm or less...on the
> >compressor I rented the bolts are 287mm.
> >
> >So I bought some Grade 8 hardened washers...am using
> >them to "shorten" the bolts...we'll find out today if
> >that will do the trick...but if not....
> >
> >Here's the crunch...I'm being evicted from my home of
> >the last 28 years (building sold, new owner wants to
> >move into my unit) and I have to have the premises
> >vacated by Friday...but in the garage is a P6 without
> >any front suspension or front wheels....it also has no
> >engine...as that's on the rebuild stand, but that's
> >probably not a huge issue...that can be moved.
> >
> >So without the front suspension together, I've got two
> >rear wheels on the ground, and two jack stands under
> >the steel bars in the front jacking points...which
> >presumably somehow some towing company will use to
> >attach a towing dolly to the car to move it out of the
> >garage and to the new garage...except every towing
> >firm I called said, one way or another..."No way...not
> >without having wheels on it."
> >
> >So...I was wondering how it would be to put the
> >suspension bits back on ...sans road spring...simply
> >in order to be able to roll the car out of the garage
> >and onto the tow truck (presumably a flat bed in this
> >case) and off the tow truck and into the new
> >garage...especially as there's no
> >engine/clutch/transmission weight on the front of the
> >car.
> >
> >Am I crazy?...I'm certainly desperate!
> >
> >Kurt
> >
> >
> I have seen a car with a front wheel missing, fell off I think, up on a
> tray, with a trolley jack supporting where the front wheel was. I would
> thought you could jack up under the crossmember, push it out of the
> and then have it pulled up onto a tilt tray tow truck. Should not be too 
> hard with no engine and transmission.
> When my Rover was bogged in the back yard earlier this year I put some
> under the rear jacking point, then jacked it with a trolley jack, and
> pulled it with a strap, to pull the car over. I did this an number of
> and got it out of where I was stuck.
> James.
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