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No need to move the engine forward, but you do 
have to disconnet quite a bit of stuff. And to be 
fair, officially you have to pull the engine and 
gearbox together to do any work. There are no 
procedures to remove just the gearbox while 
leaving the engine in place.

Here is what you have to do to pull the gearbox:

So you have to change the clutch in your LHD 2000 
TC, and you don't want to remove the engine, the 
way you are meant to? Read on for a step by step 
plan. Aside from the normal collection of hand 
tools, you will need a floor jack and a stout bit 
of 2x4 about 18› long as well as a three foot 
3/8" drive extension.

Start by draining at least half of the coolant 
and disconnecting and removing the battery. At 
the front of the engine, unscrew the bolt holding 
the lower end of the engine steady rod. Remove 
the fastenings holding the radiator in place, and 
remove the oil cooler pipe clamps from below the 
battery. Place a blanket over the fan to protect 
the radiator. Remove the air filter housing.

At the top of the engine, disconnect the brake 
booster vacuum line at the booster. Remove 
distributor cap. Remove oil dip stick. Remove 
window washer bottle. Slack the hose clamp at the 
front of the heater pipe and remove the two 
screws holding the pipe to the manifold. Remove 
the cam cover and the rear cam cover stud. Remove 
the insulation pad from the front of the heater 
box. Unclip the throttle rod and detach the 
throttle bracket from the steering box. Remove 
the lower heater hose from the manifold adapter. 
Remove the nuts holding the intake manifold in 
place, pull manifold from studs and rest in place.

Jack the car at the front, as high as possible, 
and set on stands. Under the engine, remove the 
clutch master cylinder from the bellhousing and 
tuck behind RH front suspension. Disconnect 
exhaust pipe and remove. Slacken both engine 
mount bolts.

Inside car, remove access plug and plate, remove 
clamp securing speedo cable and slacken pinch 
bolt securing the forward gear selector finger. 
Disconnect wires at reversing lamp switch on 
gearbox. Remove the gear shift knob, lock nut and 
reverse lockout. Remove console finisher, remove 
gearshift clamp plate bolts and remove gearshift 

Under the car again, disconnect propeller shaft 
at the gearbox and detach gearbox steady brace 
from gearshift lever mount plate. Slide gearshift 
rod back and out of its bushing at the rear of 
the gearbox. Remove bar from gearbox snub rubber. 
Remove the fasteners from one side of the gearbox 
spring mount, slacken other side and move mount 
out of way. Allow gearbox to hang after ensuring 
that carbs and radiator do not foul on engine. 
Using the long extension, remove the bolts 
holding the bellhousing to the engine, leaving 
one loosely in place. Ease the starter as clear 
of bellhousing as possible.

Using the floor jack and the 2x4, jack the front 
of the engine up, causing the engine and gearbox 
to tilt while ensuring radiator and carbs do not 
foul anything. Also check the fuel line from 
reserve tap to pump for fouling. Continue until 
the rear cam bearing cap touches the heater box.

Quickly once more under the car, remove the final 
bellhousing bolt, rotate the gearbox until the 
starter bulge will clear the tunnel and withdraw 
the gearbox from the clutch assembly. Lower the 
floor jack to take strain off the engine mounts 
while you replace the clutch assembly in the 
normal fashion.

Simply reverse the steps to reassemble.  


>In my experience with a 67 2000TC, the space for rear
>movement of the trans/bellhousing to remove same by
>dropping without moving engine lacks about 3 cm. I
>plan to see if I can indent the firewall in the
>appropriate location so the dropping can be done if I
>ever need to do it again. Otherwise, at a minimum, the
>engine etc must be freed up to move forward and tilt,
>a lot of disconnecting etc. I think the Brits missed
>the measurement when they designed. .....raffi

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