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>Ok i'm looking over the car more carefully now and am wondering where to 
>or if anyone has one......the power window switch console for non air
>conditioned cars.............the plastic piece that surrounds the switches
>themselves below the radio...........the parts book calls it switch panel
>and texture plate#573072.....................also the escutcheon for the
>heated rear window switch and escutcheon for the window master switch
>Any help would be appreciated
>Bill Robertson
There is a Rover 3500S sitting in a yard of old Volvos north of Wakins Glen 
on Route 414. I could go and have a look if it has these parts. Could you 
take some photos and email them to me. The car itself has very rusty 
exterior. It has been sitting in the mud for 10 years, but the interior is 
good. The car is owned by Joe Tottati, his nomber is 607 546 8479. He may 
want to sell you the whole car!


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