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A squadron mate of mine, at RAF Lakenheath in east Anglia, bought and sent 
back to the US a 2000 in 1967. I remember the grin on his face. I was 
driving a Lotus Elan S1 at the time. My grin was wider.
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> Ben and Rudiger,
> My father (Hank, also on this list) has two of  these Federal Series II 
> 2000TC's in Syracuse, NY, so we have researched them a bit.  I believe I 
> have read somewhere that production was cut short and that some of the 222 
> produced were sold in Europe, i.e. never shipped to the States or shipped 
> back again.   Most likely, Ben, your car is one of those sold in Europe, 
> though Rudiger's idea of a member of the US or Canadian military buying it 
> in Europe with the intent to shipping to North America is possible too.
> It's surprising that so many of the 222 still survive.  I think we must 
> have come across a couple dozen of them in North America.
> The Federal aspects of the car include the tandem circuit brakes, side 
> reflectors and turn signal repeaters, turn signals under the front bumper, 
> ambla seats with unusual basket weave pattern on the pleats, icelert 
> (late-type plastic one mounted on the front splash panel below the 
> bumper), emission control parts like carbon canister and various extra 
> carburetor do-dads, brackets front and rear for US/Canadian style license 
> plates, VIN number tag rivetted to the trim cap on the driver's door, 
> "wood" rim steering wheel, wood gear lever knob, rear seat belts... am I 
> forgetting anything else?
> --Steve Manwell
> RoverP6 at gmx.de wrote:
>>Hello Ben,
>>please see page 131 of James Taylors P6 book (photo)
>>Not 238 but 222 examples of 435-series were manufactured, see Taylor book 
>>page 180 "total built".
>>Rover left the US market in 1971, perhaps this is the reason for such a 
>>low total of 435-serie.
>>43500109A originally came from Germany? First owner -> US Army ?
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>>>Hi Folks
>>>            I have a question regarding the series two TC's of 1971 
>>> vintage.
>>>Looking at James Taylors Book "The Classic Rovers" It lists the TC with a
>>>serial number starting 43500 as a Federal TC. Export LHD. a total of only
>>>238 were produced??? I'm in the process of buying 43500109A, which
>>>originally came from Germany, anyone have info on why would it be 
>>>a federal TC and why so low production figures, perhaps Rudiger will have 
>>>                                                           Regards  Ben.
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