[ROVERNET - UK] RE: rovernet Digest, Vol 49, Issue 32

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Sun Dec 24 21:28:41 GMT 2006

> As Kent would say everyone have a 
> Roverly Holiday
> Dirk

I will go ahead and say it myself, but as ususal will be 
somewhat more verbose.

Dear Rover Family,
I hope you all have something to celebrate and someone to 
celebrate with.  Sheila and I will be celebrating the fact 
that God is among His people in a beautiful and rather 
unobtrusive way.  Since our kids will be 1. working 
(Margaret) 2. with a girlfriend (Ben) or 3) on the road 
(Summer and Andrew), tomorrow we will gather a group of 
similarly "orphaned" folks for a different kind of family 
celebration.  Tonight I will play a tired old shepherd 
(not much of an acting job, I think I was type cast!)

Merry Christ Mass,
Kent K.

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