[ROVERNET - UK] Assorted parts just found.

McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Wed Dec 27 10:15:48 GMT 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all you Rover folk,

       Just uncovered a small box of odd Rover bits and a larger one I
haven't gone through yet. ( Still trying to get to the inventory for the
really large stash of stuff!)
       As usual I'm offering the parts here before I put them on ebay.
I'll give you all until Saturday then I list em .  First yes and $ dollars
gets what you claim. Here they are:

      2   559331 AMMETER SHUNT RESISTANCE for P6b 3500 & S , located in
center of underdash . New in Rover wrapping. I know these are rather
obscure But I have to figure they are worth at least $65.00 each if you
need them. I'd sell both for $100.00.  

      1   551574  P5 Mk111  FUSE BOX with detailed cover . New in Rover
box. This is different than earlier P5s and the later P5b.   Asking

     2    367397  P6 2000 & TC, INTERIOR DIMMING MIRRORS. One is perfect
one works and looks perfect except for a small dent on the back ( part
facing forward) of the casing. I have installed the rubber ring around
the perfect one, This was a part I had but figured why sell seperatly.
          $50.00 for the perfect one $40.00 for the other.  $75.00 for the

AND BULB SOCKETS.  I believe this is for a RHD car but could be modified.
New in Box.        I'll take any reasonable offer. ( $1.00 is not

    1    532271     P6 ( 2000 & TC)  OIL PUMP AND FILTER BASE HOUSING 
This fits all cars up to about 1968 ( Please check your VIN and parts book 
or contact me with your VIN if you want, or need this, and I'll tell you
if it will fit.  New in original Rover wrapping.   $200.00

   3     516592     P6 (2000 & TC)  THERMOSTAT ,UPPER WATER OUTLETS. 
This is the housing that covers the thermostat and the upper radiator hose
attaches to. Brand new, Rover bagged.    $20.00 each or all three for

   1    560152      OVERRIDER   

   1    553802      OVERRIDER  P6 2000  RH rear, new in box

   2    553799      OVERRIDER  P6 2000  LH front, new in box 
               Any overrider for $45.00  all four for $120.00

   1    367168      VENT WINDOW GLASS WITH FRAME RH.  P6 2000 & TC

   1    367169      VENT WINDOW GLASS WITH FRAME LH.  P6 2000 & TC
            Either vent glass and frame $50.00, $80.00 for the pair

   1    384584      STEERING COLUMN SHROUD AUTO TRANS P5 (lhd) Right hand
                    side of column.   Any reasonable offer. 

As usual all parts are plus shipping and that can be done for any of them
within the USA for $20.00 or less . Outside USA I will have to check on . 

       I also still have a brand new in the wrapping P6 (all) DASH
ANTISLIP PAD that goes on top of the parcel tray and goes from door to door. I
have opened it, straightened it after lots of years of being wrapped, and
cleaned the dust off, it is perfect. Some one out here said they wanted it
but never got back in touch. So here it is again, $50.00 takes it.  

       Same situation for the Brand new in the Lucas box , P5 WIPER MOTOR
Rover # 380024 or Lucas # 75473 . Some one claimed it and never got back
in touch.  $200.00 takes it. 

   If you have any questions please be in touch . Hope all are having
great holidays . 

Pete McArdle    631 725 3921     or      fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us

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