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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 27 05:33:31 GMT 2006

Yes, she is in the interior on a family holiday.  We
might all meet up at the Heaster's log house for New


--- Kent Kinard <kkinard at wcc.net> wrote:

> Hi Nick,
> Ruth seems to be taking a long Christmas break.  No
> answer 
> at the shop.  I sent her an email and will try to
> call 
> again later in the week.  Does anyone out there in 
> Roverdom know where she is or when she'll be back?
> It is probable that someone changed the rear shocks
> and 
> springs before you got your SD1.  Nivomats are self 
> energized, self levelers and came standard on our
> NAS 
> SD1's(and most others).  You know they have gone bad
> when 
> the rear suspension becomes rock hard and the bumper
> is 
> about five inches higher than usual.  Most have gone
> the 
> way of the Dodo bird and have been replaced by
> standard 
> springs and shocks from a 2300 or by special
> spring/shock 
> kits from aftermarket suppliers.  I think I have at
> least 
> one car that has a pair.  Nice when they work, a
> pain when 
> they don't.  They rank up there with the Lucas
> electronic 
> distributor and the LT77 transmission as a problem
> area.
> Kent K.
> On Tue, 26 Dec 2006 15:26:53 -0600
>   "Nick and Laurie Hand" <flynp170 at cablelynx.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi Kent, I now have something to work with
> locally. If I 
> >can not get a match
> > I will order the complete package from Rimmer
> Bros. I 
> >don't know about the
> > Nivomat self levelers. Not even sure what they
> look 
> >like. I've not had any
> > problems in the rear suspension yet. Just an
> annoying 
> >knock from the front.
> > Which I isolated to left front strut.  I'm
> building up a 
> >steady list of
> > items I need from Rimmer Bros, hoping to get
> everything 
> >in one shot and save
> > some freight. Still unsure about top  strut
> bearings , 
> >would not want to buy
> > bearings and be unable to install in top mounts.
> Don't 
> >forget to stop by if
> > you are passing this way Nick
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