[ROVERNET - UK] Front Struts

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Tue Dec 26 22:52:17 GMT 2006

Hi Nick,

Ruth seems to be taking a long Christmas break.  No answer 
at the shop.  I sent her an email and will try to call 
again later in the week.  Does anyone out there in 
Roverdom know where she is or when she'll be back?

It is probable that someone changed the rear shocks and 
springs before you got your SD1.  Nivomats are self 
energized, self levelers and came standard on our NAS 
SD1's(and most others).  You know they have gone bad when 
the rear suspension becomes rock hard and the bumper is 
about five inches higher than usual.  Most have gone the 
way of the Dodo bird and have been replaced by standard 
springs and shocks from a 2300 or by special spring/shock 
kits from aftermarket suppliers.  I think I have at least 
one car that has a pair.  Nice when they work, a pain when 
they don't.  They rank up there with the Lucas electronic 
distributor and the LT77 transmission as a problem area.

Kent K.

On Tue, 26 Dec 2006 15:26:53 -0600
  "Nick and Laurie Hand" <flynp170 at cablelynx.com> wrote:
> Hi Kent, I now have something to work with locally. If I 
>can not get a match
> I will order the complete package from Rimmer Bros. I 
>don't know about the
> Nivomat self levelers. Not even sure what they look 
>like. I've not had any
> problems in the rear suspension yet. Just an annoying 
>knock from the front.
> Which I isolated to left front strut.  I'm building up a 
>steady list of
> items I need from Rimmer Bros, hoping to get everything 
>in one shot and save
> some freight. Still unsure about top  strut bearings , 
>would not want to buy
> bearings and be unable to install in top mounts. Don't 
>forget to stop by if
> you are passing this way Nick

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