[ROVERNET - UK] Engine head question?

David Sheuring rovertcv8 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 22:03:06 GMT 2006

Hi everyone.....
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas

My question is this.....I have found out now that
someone HAS been into this motor because the left bank
cylinder head had a bolts that someone had cross
threaded and now....it sheared off.
Ket had mentioned where he only used the 10 primary
head bolts to tighten the head back on and the bolt
that sheared is one of the secondary ones...the one
closetest to the outside of the block...there are 4 of
Now, without having to remove the engine out and have
a shop fix it, can I just use the 10 bolts and torque
them tighter.
Please let me know as I would REALLY like to put this
engine back together....or am I ...umm...screwed
Please get back with me and let me know

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