[ROVERNET - UK] Brake fluid question

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Sun Dec 31 16:43:37 GMT 2006

Hi Folks
            Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year before leading into my
first problem of 2007. I purchased a 1971 Rover TC Series 2 just before
Christmas from Ottawa, the car was delivered by transport to Aulac NB and
from there I drove it home approx 75 miles. Everything worked fine brakes
were good. Just after Christmas I backed it out of the garage and discovered
I had no brakes at all. No fluid in master cylinder. Now just before I
bought the Rover it was in an Ottawa garage for brake repairs, fluid was
being sucked into the engine. Both servo's were rebuilt at that time at a
cost of $1500. I have'nt yet done a thorough check but there are no obvious
leaks or smells of break fluid, nothing on the garage floor, no leak or
smell at brake pedal inside car. I'm guessing the fluid is still being drawn
into the engine?? Has anyone experienced this problem and where is the leak
most likely coming from? I shall have to wait until after the holidays
before getting down to the business of restoring brakes, but in the meantime
any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
                                                              Regards  Ben

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