[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 rim and brake servo part needed

George Phelps mrpink703 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 13:46:11 GMT 2006

Hello all.  Depite the many (too many) parts I have, I
still need more.  As is always the case with these
Anyway, I need one SD1 rim to go with my other three
and the requisite lug nuts.  Also, in removing my
brake servo, I sheared off one of the securing bolts. 
So, although the rest of it looks rebuildable, I now
could use a case for the vacum resevoir (I only need
the larger half).  Anybody have one of these sitting
uselessly on a work bench somewhere?  I probably could
trade something for these bits.  Let me know if you
need anything.  The car I am working on is a 1970 NADA
p6_rover (at) yahoo (dot) com

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