[ROVERNET - UK] Back on the list

Dermot Harvey roverman2 at verizon.net
Sat Feb 4 21:31:22 GMT 2006

Hi Everyone,

I'm finally back on the list after a 2 year hiatus. I was bumped off 
the list because of a full mailbox and couldn't get back on! I kept 
getting as notice saying that I was already a subscriber!
Anyway, I got a new e-mail address and was able to resubscribe.
During this 2 year absence I put together a very nice SD1 for my wife 
as her daily driver. Last year I had it painted and it looked 
stunning.Alas, someone ran a red light in New York  City last week
and broadsided her. Thank God she was in a Rover as she walked away 
unhurt, but the car is a real mess. I'm not sure yet whether we are 
going to try to rebuild it or not.
Does anyone out there have an unrusty clean SD1 auto? Mechanicals are 
not so important. I have a good 5 speed SD1, except that it needs paint 
($2000+ around here for a decent paint job)
So I might do a 5 speed to auto conversion. I don't think this would be 
too difficult - anyone out there done it?
On another point, my trusty 2000TC has clutch woes. Despite rebuilding 
the hydraulics several times, the clutch plate barely withdraws enough 
which sometimes leads to difficult gear engagement and disengagement..
Years ago, maybe on this list, someone had a fix for this common P6 
problem. It involved fitting a slightly longer stroke slave cylinder. 
Does anyone know what slave cylinder would do the trick? I'm having 
problems remembering the cylinder, as it went by a single name rather 
than by a car make and model

Dermot Harvey
1969 2000TC
21/2 Rover SD1 1980


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