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Sun Feb 5 15:15:36 GMT 2006

Hi Dermot,

I had the same problem with my 2000TC recently. Vern Klaus recommended 
removing the slave cylinder from the bell housing leaving it hanging down 
and bleeding while the nipple points up. I was amazed how much air I still 
got out! That and the lever angle have helped considerably. Having said 
that, with trying to find the time to rebuild the brake servos I haven't had 
much time to take advantage of it recently. I need to find a job that pays 
as well but only has half the hours!

On another subject, are in you in NYC too? I noticed on your post about your 
wife's SD1 demise. A shame.

Best of luck,

Steven Dibdin

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> Hi Everyone,
> I'm finally back on the list after a 2 year hiatus. I was bumped off the 
> list because of a full mailbox and couldn't get back on! I kept getting as 
> notice saying that I was already a subscriber!
> Anyway, I got a new e-mail address and was able to resubscribe.
> During this 2 year absence I put together a very nice SD1 for my wife as 
> her daily driver. Last year I had it painted and it looked stunning.Alas, 
> someone ran a red light in New York  City last week
> and broadsided her. Thank God she was in a Rover as she walked away 
> unhurt, but the car is a real mess. I'm not sure yet whether we are going 
> to try to rebuild it or not.
> Does anyone out there have an unrusty clean SD1 auto? Mechanicals are not 
> so important. I have a good 5 speed SD1, except that it needs paint 
> ($2000+ around here for a decent paint job)
> So I might do a 5 speed to auto conversion. I don't think this would be 
> too difficult - anyone out there done it?
> On another point, my trusty 2000TC has clutch woes. Despite rebuilding the 
> hydraulics several times, the clutch plate barely withdraws enough which 
> sometimes leads to difficult gear engagement and disengagement..
> Years ago, maybe on this list, someone had a fix for this common P6 
> problem. It involved fitting a slightly longer stroke slave cylinder. Does 
> anyone know what slave cylinder would do the trick? I'm having problems 
> remembering the cylinder, as it went by a single name rather than by a car 
> make and model
> Dermot Harvey
> 1969 2000TC
> 21/2 Rover SD1 1980
> O
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