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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 4 23:28:33 GMT 2006

Glad you're back.  I don't remember ... did you email
me about the subscription problem?

 You noted:
 On another point, my trusty 2000TC has clutch woes.
> Despite rebuilding the hydraulics several times, the
clutch plate barely withdraws enough which sometimes
leads to difficult gear engagement and disengagement..

I presume you checked that the slave cylinder
actuating arm is at the correct angle to vertical.
I am wondering about the clutch withdrawal sleeve and
the match to the clutch assembly.  For example, an
early clutch assembly had a steel pad to which the
fingers fitted.  The withdrawal sleeve had a thin pad
that contacted the above clutch assembly pad.  At some
point in time, Rover made changes.  They changed to a
clutch assembly that no longer had the pad so the
fingers were exposed and were contacted directly by
the clutch withdrawal sleeve.  I presume, that in
order to keep the same clearances that was the reason
why they fitted a different withdrawal sleeve with a
much thicker pad.

The wonder is:
Do you have a clutch assembly fitted with the early
pad on the fingers AND a withdrawal sleeve with a
thick pad?  I could see trouble getting the withdrawal
sleeve out of the way in that case. 
I have posted pictures on the Rovernet photo site (see
link below).
The pictures show the sleeve, 540885 up to gearboxes
with suffix "G";
571398 for gearboxes "H" onwards
The third picture is a mystery part taken from a
gearbox with the similar dimensions to #571398

I could post photos of the clutch assemblies if


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