[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 Clutch Woes

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185 are fine.
I use them on the SC with standard top links.
Inflate front to 33psi to keep steering light enough.

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> Hi,
> Thanks Eric and Stephen for the musings on my '69 TC Clutch. Yes,
> Stephen, I usually bleed the clutch as you suggest by taking it off and
> hanging it down. I'm a bit suspicious about the flexible nylon tube
> that connects to the slave cylinder. I am wondering if air is getting
> drawn in around the connection to the steel ends of the pipe. I might
> try making up a solid steel hydraulic line, as I think the nylon
> hydraulic line has been unavailable new for years. I live in Rockland
> County, about 25 miles North of NYC. Come and visit!
> Eric, my clutch was fine until I replaced it many years ago. I probably
> used a GCC192 clutch cover plate with the bare clutch fingers and a
> GCP209 clutch disc. I also used the thick gasket FRC1217 under the
> clutch withdrawal housing. These should be the correct parts for the
> '69. The crank for the slave cylinder was set up correctly as per the
> shop manual.
> This 'new' clutch has always been a bit marginal about withdrawing
> completely. I had a similar problem with a 68 or 69 car that I replaced
> the clutch on for a customer.
> I can only assume that there is a slight difference in the late clutch
> parts (These clutch part numbers are from my 1974 parts book). The 1969
> parts book that I have lists the clutch cover as 571280 and the clutch
> plate as 605005. The Unipart numbers I quoted earlier might not be
> direct supercessions to the Rover part numbers
> Eric, I couldn't find the photos of the clutch on the Rover Car Club of
> Canada website, but I did see pictures of your '69 TC. It is almost
> identical to mine! My TC is Cameron Green with the black Vinyl
> interior, a full length Webasto  sunroof and the 'correct' roof top
> antenna! My car also has no a/c but it has Sundym glass. My serial
> number is 85904118F - what's yours? I took the Webasto sunroof from a
> '65 or '66 car plus the Magstar wheels.
> Whilst on the subject of the P6, what tires are people putting on their
> P6's? 165 and 175 tires are pretty much unavailable. I think 185 tires
> may rub on the top link assembly when the car is loaded. The 3500S has
> an offset top link assembly. Also, 185 tires make the steering very
> heavy!
> Dermot Harvey
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