[ROVERNET - UK] De-coking a rover V8

Damien koffee at iprimus.com.au
Wed Feb 8 12:29:30 GMT 2006

OK now this might seem a bit rough (lol) but I the past to decoke the top of
the pistons I have just used a electric drill (variable speed) and a softish
wire brush attachment for the drill and a old vacuum cleaner. Turn over the
piston until level with the top of the block plug any oil galleries etc with
paper towel. Now if you have someone helping get them to hold the vacuum
cleaner nozzle close to the piston and slowly hit the carbon with the wire
brush (obviously wear safety glasses). When finished the piston top vacuum
out around the bore wall and slowly move the piston down and wipe the bore
down with more paper towel. Can be all done in about and hour if in a hurry
or as long as it takes. 
Like I said sounds cruel but I have done it this way on many cars with no
adverse effects that I can notice. You can also clean the carbon on the bore
lip as well.
The only thing is not to use a too course a brush.
When you have finished you can almost see your refection in the piston
Same can be used on the heads to clean up the valves etc

I can almost hear the screams of horror world wide but it works and if you
are careful it doesn't do any harm. I have run cars for over 50,000 miles
after doing this and nothing has happened (well if you don't count the
pistons dropping out through the sump as anything lol kidding)



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Hi Kent,
  I took a look through woolies yesterday and could not find "easy off
blue".  Oven cleaners were pretty much all in pressure packs.  Most
contained significant amounts of NaOH.  One claimed to be "non-caustic",
however the back warned of strong alkaline salts.  Since when are strong
alkaline salts "non-caustic"?  Other cleaners for stovetops were citrus
based but warned against used with aluminium.  In the "easy off" line
woolies stocked "bam" and "degreaser", the later cautioning used with
aluminium.  Got me confused, so I haven't bought/tried anything yet.

The V8 upper cylinder kit I bought comes with silvered tin head gaskets.
Why should I remove the silver coating?  It also came with gaskets for
both SU and Stromberg carburettors.  Having played with both I'm
struggling to see where I use some of it.  The kit contains little round
rubber washers, o-rings, copper compression rings.  No idea where the
latter would go.  Didn't come with any exhaust manifold gaskets, though
I kept asking the shop about those, will have to get them separately.

Lastly I finally got the EGR valve out.  It wasn't connected and just
got in the way.  Now have a suitable replacement bolt.

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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