[ROVERNET - UK] Series 2 SD1's

Andrew Moss amoss at xplornet.com
Wed Feb 8 14:47:07 GMT 2006

Hi Dermot,

There are a few "SE"s here in Canada. They are a strange mix of series 1
and 2 (as it is know in Europe and Australia). It has the same body and
bumpers as the series 1. The interior is slightly revised with extra
headrests and slightly different seats. The dashboard is the same as the
series 1.

The SE's in Europe and Australia had a different back hatch, completely
different interior and different wheels.

I know of a project "SE" here is Ottawa if you are keen. I'm not sure if
it is for sale, but it has been off the road for a long time. 

I have a series 2 Vanden Plas that I imported from Austraila. Not for
sale right now though. 

Best regards,

Andrew Moss
Ottawa, Canada


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Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Series 2 SD1's For Sale?
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Anyone out there know of a Series 2 SD1 for sale? I know a few 1982's 
were imported into Canada  - i haven't heard of any in the US. There is 
one for sale in the Toronto Area Rover Club website, but the owner Bill 
Osmond has changed his e-mail address. I heard from a Canadian friend 
of a Series 2 2000 in Montreal some years ago.It was brought in to be 
in a movie, but then I heard that they had to export again as it was 
non conforming.

Dermot Harvey

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