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Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed Feb 8 18:18:20 GMT 2006

Hi Dermot and Andrew,
The Canadian SE's you refer to are probably '81's and are indeed 
something of a transition model.  Although the NAS '81's used the "10 
m.p.h." bumpers, I don't know which headlamps they used.  Technically, I 
think they are actually Series 1's because of the hatch and dash and 
because it is generally agreed that Series 2 production didn't start 
until January of '82.

I got a set of the seats, door pannels and dash (with electric mirror 
control) from Ted Schumacker several years ago.  The car they came from 
was part of the BL test fleet in the US and Ted was restricted by 
contract from putting any of them back on the road, so they were parted 
out.  The dash went to Mexico, but the seats and door pannels will go in 
my next SD1 that gets painted...much nicer than the usual Series 1 seats 
and a slightly different design.  I negotiated several years ago for a 
1981 VDP in the UK...black leather...but was unable to arrange shipping 
at the time.  These are the seats to look for for any Series 1.

...and here's a tasty tidbit...sort of like legendary lost gold mines in 
the old west.  When BL abandoned the the (second) Lynx project (TR8 four 
seat fastback with SD1 type rear suspension) they may have left one in 
the US.  The particular car was in Texas at one time for hot weather 
tests, probably by Southwest Research in San Antonio at their Uvalde, 
TX, test track.  Notes indicate a Lynx that was "tested to destruction" 
for durability test purposes.  I spent several years making inquiries 
around  Uvalde and Southwest Research trying to find details, but this 
was twenty years after the fact.  Then I got a call from a retired test 
engineer who actually lived in my neighborhood...not about the Lynx but 
about the salvation of his soul.  He was dying of testicular cancer and 
wanted to be baptized.  After the baptism I asked him about the Lynx and 
he said he thought he remembered it but knew the man (also retired) who 
was in charge of the test facility at the time and would contact him. 
He took a turn for the worse and we never spoke of the Lynx again.  I 
wonder if it's still out there somewhere...or maybe it got shipped back 
to the UK.

Kent K.

Andrew Moss wrote:

> Hi Dermot,
> There are a few "SE"s here in Canada. They are a strange mix of series 1
> and 2 (as it is know in Europe and Australia). It has the same body and
> bumpers as the series 1. The interior is slightly revised with extra
> headrests and slightly different seats. The dashboard is the same as the
> series 1.
> The SE's in Europe and Australia had a different back hatch, completely
> different interior and different wheels.
> I know of a project "SE" here is Ottawa if you are keen. I'm not sure if
> it is for sale, but it has been off the road for a long time. 
> I have a series 2 Vanden Plas that I imported from Austraila. Not for
> sale right now though. 
> Best regards,
> Andrew Moss
> Ottawa, Canada
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> Anyone out there know of a Series 2 SD1 for sale? I know a few 1982's 
> were imported into Canada  - i haven't heard of any in the US. There is 
> one for sale in the Toronto Area Rover Club website, but the owner Bill 
> Osmond has changed his e-mail address. I heard from a Canadian friend 
> of a Series 2 2000 in Montreal some years ago.It was brought in to be 
> in a movie, but then I heard that they had to export again as it was 
> non conforming.
> Dermot Harvey
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