[ROVERNET - UK] Transmission oils

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed Feb 8 17:47:09 GMT 2006

Dirk Burrowes wrote:

> Now to the question, we want to change the transmission fluid and there has
> been a lot of discussion on the net as to what the best fluid to use, but
> for the life of me I can't find those posts. So suggestions would be
> appreciated along with any first car stories or advice for my son. 

Hi Dirk,
Use Type F automatic transmission fluid.  You can still get it at most 
auto supply stores.  I bought a couple of cases a few years ago and 
haven't used much yet.  I need it for both the P6B and the P5B Coupe.

Type F is a little thinner and less slippery than Type A (Dextron).  You 
can use Type F in Type A transmissions and they shift a little harder, 
but you can't use Type A in a Type F trans or it will slip too much and 

I too have a Series 2 P6 ('74 2200TC) in need of restoration.  Is yours 
a 2000 or a 2200?  The '71 NAS 2000TC (Series 2)is the rarest production 
P6.  Only 222 were built and all went to North Amaerica as far as I can 
tell. The 2200's are far less common in North America, but quite common 
in the rest of the world, though LHD examples must be few and far between.

Kent k.

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