[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Tank Pressurized

Andrew Moss amoss at xplornet.com
Sun Feb 12 13:18:28 GMT 2006

Hi Steve,

The SD1 Tank is not pressurized. There are vents in the top that have
tubing on them to the filler tube and the charcoal filter at the front
of the car. The gas cap is non-venting. There is a large 1/2" outlet for
the fuel and a smaller 1/4" return for the fuel that was not used by the
EFI system.

Your project sounds very interesting. How far along is it? I'm sure
everyone will be interested to hear the progress.

Best regards,



Hi Mike,
  It will hold the electricity generated by spinning two discs of pure 
magnesium and a metal I can't name due to Homeland Secruity and
held by Stan Lee.  They spin next to each other and the color they emit,

powers my Rover. All I can say about this color is: it smells much like
color Yellow. I get them started spinning with Petrol and a 3.5. (this
not some Deloean that travels in time, this is real)
  For safety when traveling at high rates of speed, I desire a Petrol
Cell that will resist implosion and explosion should my brakes work
than the car behind me. I plan to use an Aluminium cell and want to know
the original Rover cap and tank were vented.
I can't find my Rover Manual or Parts Catalogs.  Must be buried in the

What is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is
to affect the wonders of one and the same works.

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