[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Tank Pressurized

steve bridge slbridge at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 12 14:34:34 GMT 2006

Thank you Andrew!
  I vaguely remember replacing my cap once and I was thinking it HAD to be 
an original cap, so I was thinking it may not be vented, but that was so 
long ago...

>Hi Steve,
>The SD1 Tank is not pressurized. There are vents in the top that have
>tubing on them to the filler tube and the charcoal filter at the front
>of the car. The gas cap is non-venting. There is a large 1/2" outlet for
>the fuel and a smaller 1/4" return for the fuel that was not used by the
>EFI system.
>Your project sounds very interesting. How far along is it? I'm sure
>everyone will be interested to hear the progress.
>Best regards,

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