[ROVERNET - UK] 1929 Rover 10/25 Saloon For Sale

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Hi Ken,

I tried your suggested web site and I could not get in.  I found another 
site and it works.  www.roverklubben.se .  This site has quite a few pre 
wwII Rover photos.  By the way I have always referred to your Rover as a 
sport touring car.  Mainly due to the V type windscreen and the engine.  I 
hope we can find someone to take on this 10/25.  I would, but I have no 
skills in leather body and interior restoration or the money to have 
someone else to do it.  Good hearing from you.  Take Care.  jb
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Actually the Dutch site is www.trouw-vervoer.nl/rover_20_groot.htm.
This actually looks amazingly similar to my 1925 Rover 16/50, with of
course a different body style (mine is a tourer, that is, a
convertible).  I wish I had space to acquire the one in Nevada, but I

Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)

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In north east Nevada, near Elko there is a 1929 Rover 10/25 Saloon For
Sale.  The car requires a complete restoration.  As I understand most
all of the parts are there.  I have not seen the car or for that mater
been to Elko.  For a photo of a 10/25 in the Nederland's go to
www.trouw-vervoer.nl/rover . For further information contact Mike &
Marcia Davis at :
    lamoille at ctnis.com
    PO Box 281620
    Lamoille, NV 89828

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