[ROVERNET - UK] Keeping track of topics

Ray Wilkins raywilk at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 09:07:07 GMT 2006

Greetings All,

I have been a member of this list now for over 3 years
and although not an very active member in terms of
posts or replies to queries, I love to read of
problems and solutions. I have posted the odd problem
and am happy to say the replies have been extremely
helpful. I have even ventured to express my own
solution on rare occassions!

My question to you all now is; I have saved nearly
2000 emails and would like to hear from anyone who has
found an easy way of cataloguing the topics for future
reference. My main area is, naturally, the P6B but
other topics are of interest as well. I can see that a
time may come when I have a problem and would like to
look up any relevant emails from other listers.

Anyone have any ideas? All contributions accepted (as
long as they fall within the bounds of general


Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne, Australia

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