[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 fuel problems

Gavin.Walker at csiro.au Gavin.Walker at csiro.au
Mon Feb 20 22:51:58 GMT 2006

Hi Everyone,
  I found out why the SD1 cut out after running for 2 minutes, no fuel.

The fuel filter in the engine bay was dry and had some sediment in the
bottom.   The car has an EFI fuel tank with an external repco fuel pump
feeding a pair of strombergs with a return line.

The fuel pump makes a heck of a racket most of the time.  With no fuel
coming through it starts off loud and then subdues (but is still
The fuel gauge had shown half a tank, so I pulled the sender out (real
easy on these later SD1s).  Well the sender was stuck halfway, a bit of
lube and it freed up.  

I peered into the tank through the 5 cm sender hole.  The walls appear
to be rust free and I could see the top of the strainer protruding from
the fuel in the swirl pot.  I added the 3l of fuel I had lying around
but it didn't seem to affect anything (perhaps it all went down the

So what are my chances of not having gunged up the fuel pump?  I don't
really feel like getting under the car and pulling it out.

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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