[ROVERNET - UK] Lockheed Tandem slave rebuild questions

George Phelps mrpink703 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 22 02:45:06 GMT 2006

Lockheed Tandem slave rebuild questions

I have a couple rather specific rebuild questions 

1) In the primary piston push rod assembly, there is a
pin that retains the spring and push rod in the piston
(page 51 in your manuals for those following at home)
Now, does the pin go on the diaphragm side of the
spring (compressing the spring toward the front)  or
on the other side (compressing hte spring toward the
diaphragm)?  Oddly, the manual does not seem to
mention this.  I suppose I am just supposed to know,
but there you go.

2) My rebuild kit came with an additional spring,
slightly wider than the one in the piston already and
a triangular plate (not the locking plate, but it
looks sort of like it).  I am familiar with the idea
that rebuild kits have extra parts you may not need
for your specific rebuild, but strangely, the same
pieces were with the primary cylinder when I
dissassembled it.  However, they do not appear
anywhere in the manual and I haven't a clue about
them.  Any thoughts gentlemen? Throw them in the trash
and hope I don't have to stop in a hurry?

 Thanks very much in advance. 

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