[ROVERNET - UK]Blockheads (was head compatability)

Robert Thornton R.Thornton at adelaidecitycouncil.com
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 Kent wrote:

>> "I got a call the other day from a fellow (Richard Potter) who is
looking to produce an aluminium Buick 350 head. He is in the casting
business and does AL Cadillac 500 heads and has just finished an AL head
for GM3800's, so he certainly has the credentials. He feels the Wildcat
heads are too expensive and that he can do some much cheaper. Who knows
what the future holds?"<<

Interesting you mention this Kent, it has generated a lot of interest on
the V8 Owners Forum. The discussion has also unearthed some trick
prototype Rover heads that never went into production done by tuning
guru David Vizard and capable of flowing enough air to support 500 bhp.
Unlike the Wildcats they are not new castings but radically re-worked
standard heads featuring big offset valves. There's some nice photos of
them on the site at


There's also some info on 300 heads and discussion about Real Steel's
yet to be released Rover heads.


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