[ROVERNET - UK] messages in triplicate

Gundry, Kenneth KG at dolby.com
Wed Feb 22 22:16:11 GMT 2006


Although you didn't explicitly say so, I take it therefore that in that
period (16-19 February) you did not receive messages in triplicate.
However, your last sentence implies that the problem has been observed

I think you are suggesting that one possibility is that anyone with more
than one email address, intending only one to be active for this forum,
may inadvertently have got two or more on the list, and therefore
received two or more copies of each message.  That makes sense, but
doesn't apply to me since I only have one address, and the problem
corrected itself around noon (Pacific Time) on Sunday, after which
messages arrived singly (and nobody would have been around at that time
this end to be making changes).  Besides, if that had been the case the
replicated messages would not have been identical; they would have had
different addressees and perhaps different times.  Ah, the addressees
point is irrelevant since incoming messages from the forum don't show
the individual recipient's address.

The fact that the problem corrected itself without intervention at this
end points to a mailing list server problem ... doesn't it?

Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)

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Two questions:
1.  Hands up all those receiving triplicate messages. 
(I could then offer overwhelming advice to the hosts - who aren't good
at answering emails.) 2.  Ken:  unsubscribe, wait an hour and subscribe

Anybody who has had this experience and found a solution, please offer
some ideas.

Note: the logical operation, for me, is that a message is sent to the
mailing list server in the UK.  The server examines it to be sure it
fits the criteria. 
Then the server sends the message out to each subscriber email address
on the list. Some people have been known to have 2 subscribed addresses.
 If there is a server malfunction and messages are sent out from the
server in duplicate, then everyone would experience the problem.
(I had this discussion, once, with one of the host system administrators
in the UK.)


--- "Gundry, Kenneth" <KG at dolby.com> wrote:

> This is to the webmaster.
> Over the period 16 to 19 February, I received 46 messages, each in 
> triplicate (and identical).  Our local computer gurus think the 
> problem is your end, not ours, but are you aware of a mechanism for 
> this?  A similar problem has occurred once or twice before (weeks or 
> months ago) but only for isolated messages, and I assumed then that 
> the sender had accidentally sent more than once (all too easy with the

> silly alternative keystrokes of Microsoft Outlook).
> Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 running again (San
> Francisco)

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