[ROVERNET - UK] messages in triplicate

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 01:16:07 GMT 2006

I have been approached before with a similar
abnormality but as Paul pointed out, it was developed
through the user's actions or email operations.
 I reviewed my inbox in the time frame you provided. 
I didn't receive duplicate messages.  I was wondering
if any other member received triplicate messages
during that period but no one has responded on that
question except for Paul.

Unless someone/some people report(s) the same
experience as yourself, I have nothing to go to the
host system administrator with.  

Sorry that you had trouble, but I am confident that it
was not a host server glitch.  That is, unless others
have the same experience.

(I can just hear the sys admin voice now :-(


--- "Gundry, Kenneth" <KG at dolby.com> wrote:

> Eric,
> Although you didn't explicitly say so, I take it
> therefore that in that
> period (16-19 February) you did not receive messages
> in triplicate.
> However, your last sentence implies that the problem
> has been observed
> before.
> I think you are suggesting that one possibility is
> that anyone with more
> than one email address, intending only one to be
> active for this forum,
> may inadvertently have got two or more on the list,
> and therefore
> received two or more copies of each message.  That
> makes sense, but
> doesn't apply to me since I only have one address,
> and the problem
> corrected itself around noon (Pacific Time) on
> Sunday, after which
> messages arrived singly (and nobody would have been
> around at that time
> this end to be making changes).  Besides, if that
> had been the case the
> replicated messages would not have been identical;
> they would have had
> different addressees and perhaps different times. 
> Ah, the addressees
> point is irrelevant since incoming messages from the
> forum don't show
> the individual recipient's address.
> The fact that the problem corrected itself without
> intervention at this
> end points to a mailing list server problem ...
> doesn't it?
> Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)
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> Two questions:
> 1.  Hands up all those receiving triplicate
> messages. 
> (I could then offer overwhelming advice to the hosts
> - who aren't good
> at answering emails.) 2.  Ken:  unsubscribe, wait an
> hour and subscribe
> again.
> Request:
> Anybody who has had this experience and found a
> solution, please offer
> some ideas.
> Note: the logical operation, for me, is that a
> message is sent to the
> mailing list server in the UK.  The server examines
> it to be sure it
> fits the criteria. 
> Then the server sends the message out to each
> subscriber email address
> on the list. Some people have been known to have 2
> subscribed addresses.
>  If there is a server malfunction and messages are
> sent out from the
> server in duplicate, then everyone would experience
> the problem.
> (I had this discussion, once, with one of the host
> system administrators
> in the UK.)
> Eric
> --- "Gundry, Kenneth" <KG at dolby.com> wrote:
> > This is to the webmaster.
> > 
> > Over the period 16 to 19 February, I received 46
> messages, each in 
> > triplicate (and identical).  Our local computer
> gurus think the 
> > problem is your end, not ours, but are you aware
> of a mechanism for 
> > this?  A similar problem has occurred once or
> twice before (weeks or 
> > months ago) but only for isolated messages, and I
> assumed then that 
> > the sender had accidentally sent more than once
> (all too easy with the
> > silly alternative keystrokes of Microsoft
> Outlook).
> > 
> > Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 running again (San
> > Francisco)
> > 
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