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lingfield51 at tiscali.co.uk lingfield51 at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Feb 28 15:45:15 GMT 2006

I have an opportunity to purchase a complete overdrive kit (gearbox, prop,
switch, wiring etc) from a 95 (???see below) to fit my non-overdrive 90.

Questions are

Did they ever fit an overdrive to a 95? It was not fitted as original (I
think) was it an option? I would have thought a 95 + overdrive was in effect
a 110.

Will it fit?

I know the blocks changed for the 80 and 100 to suit the new P5 3 litre and
my perception is the bell housings changed as well but not sure if I can
use the old bell-housing. Don?t really want to have to buy the engine as

For the record the vehicle is on Ebay and about 75 miles so clearly anxious
not to wast time/money/sweat on this. Anyone ever done a mod on a non-overdrive
P4, any tips?

Any info appreciated.

Alan Francis (partviking)


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