[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch Hydraulics - 2000

Alice and Ian Potts ianalice at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 4 02:42:21 GMT 2006

`One suggestion before you begin any adjustment, would be to jack up the 
front of the car, open the driver's door wide, get knee pads if you can't 
get down on your knees without, head down and under the open door.....It 
could act as a guillotine if you don't support the front end properly!), and 
push down on the clutch pedal while watching the throw-out arm  at the slave 
cylinder.  If there is any "creep" while holding down the pedal, the master 
could be at fault.
If little motion is observed at all, fluid is passing by the pistons in 
either or both
cylinders.  In addition, the adjustments you mention must be made.  Cheers, 

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