[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Painting Pointers

George Phelps mrpink703 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 12:58:47 GMT 2006

Hello to all. I am now the proud new owner of Glen
Wilson's 3500S, and his parts car as well. Thanks

Car questions:
I am first looking for advice on painting. It seems
there are two ways to proceed, getting it painted
whole or panel by panel. This second option is
appealing to me as the panels are pretty much removed
already, and as I plan to put the vinyl stuff on the
roof, I don't need to worry about removing that. (if
anyone has done the vinyl I would be interested in
that info too). Anyway, taking the car in in bits just
seems a more interesting way to go than to take the
car into a shop whole. 

I would appreciate any thoughts on how best to proceed
and what I might expect to pay for a decent (not show
but not crap) job. I would also be happy to hear of
any good experiences with painters in the mid

I also hope to replace the hood scooped 3500 hood with
a plain one from a 2000.  Has anyone in a warmer clime
done this, I am a little concerned about heat issues.

List questions:  
1)  Where would I get ideas on why I can't seem to
post to the list from my other the email address, but
can post from this one?  
2) Also, is there some way to search the entire
archives of this list, I can only seem to get parts of
it at a time. I have a feeling I am going to be asking
many, many questions, that have been asked before. 

Thanks everybody 
p6_rover "at" yahoo "dot" com

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