[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Painting Pointers

Brooks restore at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Jan 17 15:11:57 GMT 2006

Congrats on your new acquisition !! I have done my P6B's using both methods 
you described...I strongly suggest you paint the inside of the removed 
panels (since they are off already) in order to protect the metal from rust 
and then put them back on the car to be painted in one step. I say this 
because it's much harder to get the very same results on individual 
panels...it can be done but it's not really worth the concerns.
 I have done several vinyl tops and it is not a simple task (at least to get 
a professional result) . Your local upholstery shop should have all the 
products required (or be able to order them) to do the job, just be certain 
to use the proper adhesive and don't skimp on how much you apply. You 
probally already know that you just can't use any type of vinyl...it must be 
UV resistant. It should be installed in a very warm place and bring a friend 
to help you fit it onto the car.
 The hood shoud interchange (I've never done that myself) but I know the 
scoops are there for a very valid reason especially in warmer 
climates...additional cooling..so I would expect that could cause your 
engine to run a bit hotter than intended...perhaps not enough to be a valid 
concern but if you are planning to do much city driving it would be worth 
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> Hello to all. I am now the proud new owner of Glen
> Wilson's 3500S, and his parts car as well. Thanks
> Glen!
> Car questions:
> I am first looking for advice on painting. It seems
> there are two ways to proceed, getting it painted
> whole or panel by panel. This second option is
> appealing to me as the panels are pretty much removed
> already, and as I plan to put the vinyl stuff on the
> roof, I don't need to worry about removing that. (if
> anyone has done the vinyl I would be interested in
> that info too). Anyway, taking the car in in bits just
> seems a more interesting way to go than to take the
> car into a shop whole.
> I would appreciate any thoughts on how best to proceed
> and what I might expect to pay for a decent (not show
> but not crap) job. I would also be happy to hear of
> any good experiences with painters in the mid
> Atlantic.
> I also hope to replace the hood scooped 3500 hood with
> a plain one from a 2000.  Has anyone in a warmer clime
> done this, I am a little concerned about heat issues.
> List questions:
> 1)  Where would I get ideas on why I can't seem to
> post to the list from my other the email address, but
> can post from this one?
> 2) Also, is there some way to search the entire
> archives of this list, I can only seem to get parts of
> it at a time. I have a feeling I am going to be asking
> many, many questions, that have been asked before.
> Thanks everybody
> George
> p6_rover "at" yahoo "dot" com
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