[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Painting Pointers

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 17 16:32:36 GMT 2006

George; I painted my 1969 2000TC in Brigade red Dupont lacquer around 10 
years ago, removing all the panels except the roof .It is not easy to get a 
paint shop to do it this way , they all want to paint in one day and get 
paid. I  stripped all small panels in a strip tank, the doors, bonnet, boot, 
and top, were stripped with stripper.I treated them all with Ospho.I  had 
the paint shop use metalprep , then etch primer, then epoxy primer.  Then I 
undercoated every panel with good quality undercoat, then they painted. I 
had them wetsand , reshoot, wetsand again, and buff each piece separately, 
then after the parts sat a month, I waxed them and assembled the car. It had 
been a California, then Florida car, so had no rust , other than a tiny 
trunk hole, which was repaired.I had removed all glass, including doors,a 
major  job. I replaced all rubber behind panels, rubber around vent wisdows, 
and front and back windscreen seals.I cleaned the bottom of thr car and 
undercoated it.I also added 1967 rear window frames,as I likevent windows.
                    After assembly, the car  was gorgeous, and was shipped 
by BMW/ Landrover NA, from Florida to Idaho, and put in the ballroom at the 
National  Landrover Dealer's convention, (along with MG's Minis. Landrovers, 
and classic BMW's, and a '59 Rover I had restored). to show  the heritage of 
the marques associated with and owned by  Rover (then owned by BMW). 3 
Months later, BMW sold Landrover to Ford; I always wondered if the Ford 
people were also at that resort. Perhaps my fine rover had something to do 
with the demise. I will never know.
                      Anyway, in my opinion this is the only right way to 
paint a P6. You probably won't  find anyone who wants to do it in lacquer; 
though I have the brigade red formula, and I have a source of lacquer, or I 
am told you can buy it in Canada. The paint was kept waxed. and was good at 
least 5 years, mostly in Florida sun. It has now been 10 years, the car is 
inside, and the paint on top is checked, but sides and jambs are still good. 
I think it could be sanded down to primer where it is checked, and reshot, 
probably with modern paint, if the color could be matched; or redone in 
lacquer, in the same color. It would not have to be disassembled this time. 
As far as cost, I traded the Expensive German body shop Jaguar labor and 
parts, for the job,I did  assembly, reassembly, and stripped the fenders and 
small parts. They had a painter and helper on it forweeks, and it had a 
$9,000 retail bill. It would probably be cheaper for you to buy my car, 
which I would like to sell. aside from a repaint  it now needs a clutch 
clutch  hydraulics, and a gearbox. It had  factory AC, has  Magstar wheels 
but has a 2000 engine My phone   is 1954JAGUARS, or email 
jaguru at bellsouth.net  I have lovely photos,after it was restored, if anyone 
wants them. I hope I have answered some questions James Dean, Ft. 
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> Hello to all. I am now the proud new owner of Glen
> Wilson's 3500S, and his parts car as well. Thanks
> Glen!
> Car questions:
> I am first looking for advice on painting. It seems
> there are two ways to proceed, getting it painted
> whole or panel by panel. This second option is
> appealing to me as the panels are pretty much removed
> already, and as I plan to put the vinyl stuff on the
> roof, I don't need to worry about removing that. (if
> anyone has done the vinyl I would be interested in
> that info too). Anyway, taking the car in in bits just
> seems a more interesting way to go than to take the
> car into a shop whole.
> I would appreciate any thoughts on how best to proceed
> and what I might expect to pay for a decent (not show
> but not crap) job. I would also be happy to hear of
> any good experiences with painters in the mid
> Atlantic.
> I also hope to replace the hood scooped 3500 hood with
> a plain one from a 2000.  Has anyone in a warmer clime
> done this, I am a little concerned about heat issues.
> List questions:
> 1)  Where would I get ideas on why I can't seem to
> post to the list from my other the email address, but
> can post from this one?
> 2) Also, is there some way to search the entire
> archives of this list, I can only seem to get parts of
> it at a time. I have a feeling I am going to be asking
> many, many questions, that have been asked before.
> Thanks everybody
> George
> p6_rover "at" yahoo "dot" com
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