[ROVERNET - UK] Re: P6 Bonnet

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed Jan 18 00:31:27 GMT 2006

Hi Guys,
I'm confused.  What am I going to haul where?  Do I need a bigger suitcase?

I am aware of the Series 1 differences, but were the Series 2 parts 
commonized?  Could I use the bonnet from my 2200TC on my NAS 3500S?
I'm still trying to decide what to do about wing trim holes-weld up a 
set of 2000 wings or use the ones from the 2200TC, which I assume are 
the same as the 3500S since the side trims are identical.  I'd really 
like to save the 2200TC and restore it eventually, but I'm not makeing 
much progress and money will be tighter when I retire.

I really don't like the hood scoops and have shipped several sets to UK, 
NZ and Australia over the years, but they are effective and necessary in 
Texas, especially with AC.

Speaking of Texas, would you guys in BC send us some rain.  We haven't 
gotten a drop in over three months and the range fires are getting 
pretty bad.  We had two going at once, one of which was visible from 
town.  Each burned about 40,000 acres.

Kent K.

Eric Russell wrote:
> George,
> The advice offered to you so far has been
> well-considered.
> The Rover 2000 hood latch panel is a different design
> and piece of sheet metal than the 3500S
> The Rover 2000 hood leading edge is thicker
> The 3500 S hood leading edge is thinner and has
> cut-outs for the spire nuts which hold the aluminum
> eyebrow
> Our Club has a new old stock hood that is the same
> dimensions as the 3500 S hood but without the cut-outs
> for the hood scoops. When I stood them up side by side
> in my yard, they had the same outside dimension and
> looked the same.  When I laid it onto my 2000 engine
> compartment, I could see that it would not fit.
> It would be possible for you to have the "no hood
> scoop look" on your car.  Ruth might be able to help
> with a transportation quote for you.  The cost of
> shipping anything these days seems to be ridiculous.
> Now,....... Kent said he is coming this way this
> summer.  Maybe he'd consider an excess baggage charge
> on your behalf  :-)
> Eric
> --- Pjemail at aol.com wrote:
>>Why do you want to get rid of the scoops? Is it a
>>question of aesthetics? Even if it i, taking  them
>>off will leave the car less authentic, and I would
>>think long and hard before doing that. In the UK,
>>people are falling over themselves to get the three
>>scoop bonnet look.
>>Pierre Janusz
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