[ROVERNET - UK] P6 bonnets and paint

George Phelps mrpink703 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 15:21:21 GMT 2006

Thanks for all the great advice.  And Kent, thanks for
bringing me a hood in your luggage, I'm sure you won't
mind a short side trip from Texas to drop it off in
Maryland, thanks for volunteering.  (Just a little
joke there).  Anyway, I may just stick with the
scoops.  I thought it would be a simple matter of
moving over one of my 2000TC hoods.  Why didn't Rover
use the same hood with some holes in it, were they
trying to lose money?  BTW -  I was thinking about a
plain hood, as I prefer the stealth approach to speed.

I think I'll have it painted whole, but take the
panels off myself before hand and do the backsides
with POR 15.  Is POR 15 a good choice?  The panels are
in great shape, with a smooth surface, so I am afraid
the POR might not adhere well.  I have no way of
sandblasting.  Is there something else I can use for
rust protections or should I hope for the best with
POR 15

 Thanks again.  What a helpful group, and I'll keep
you posted on how things progress.


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