[ROVERNET - UK] P6 bonnets and paint

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed Jan 18 17:34:38 GMT 2006

Hi George,
Actually, I am headed your way the end of next month.  My older son an 
his wife have just bought their first house and we have been invited to 
a "house blessing."  Durham, N.C., is definitely closer to you than 
Vancouver is, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to bring.  You seem to 
have all the pieces that I have except the series 2 bonnet (which you 
cannot have).  There are (or were the last time I was there)quite a few 
Rover parts cars in Durham.

I suspect that, being a transition model, the NAS 3500S may have 
incorporated some engine compartment features of the Series 2 (New Look) 
cars.  As soon as I get over the flu, I'll try the Series 2 bonnet on 
the 3500S just to see if my theory is correct.  We haven't heard from 
any of our UK bretherin on this matter and they have far more Series 2 
bonnets than we do.  I'll see what a check of parts numbers turns up.

Kent K.

George Phelps wrote:
> Thanks for all the great advice.  And Kent, thanks for
> bringing me a hood in your luggage, I'm sure you won't
> mind a short side trip from Texas to drop it off in
> Maryland, thanks for volunteering.  (Just a little
> joke there).  Anyway, I may just stick with the
> scoops.  I thought it would be a simple matter of
> moving over one of my 2000TC hoods.  Why didn't Rover
> use the same hood with some holes in it, were they
> trying to lose money?  BTW -  I was thinking about a
> plain hood, as I prefer the stealth approach to speed.
> I think I'll have it painted whole, but take the
> panels off myself before hand and do the backsides
> with POR 15.  Is POR 15 a good choice?  The panels are
> in great shape, with a smooth surface, so I am afraid
> the POR might not adhere well.  I have no way of
> sandblasting.  Is there something else I can use for
> rust protections or should I hope for the best with
> POR 15
>  Thanks again.  What a helpful group, and I'll keep
> you posted on how things progress.
> George
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